BADministration – Acronis

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This is another post in the BADministration series where we’ll be exploring Acronis Backup from an offensive standpoint. As always, before going further, one thing I would like to make clear – this is not an Acronis issue or vulnerability. This post instead discusses features and architecture issues, similar to spanning a trusted domain to a less-trusted network. Also once again, a shout-out to CherryDarkness for all the help. Video is at the bottom.

BADministration –


Gaining access to the backup solution can be critical during an offensive engagement. Any account with access to a backup share (or server) can mount images to read information from the backed up filesystem, and by extension, local system hashes. These shares or servers can provide an attacker with a potential escalation path, or at a minimum, privileged information about the organization’s security and administrative configurations. However, this post is not about leveraging backup shares, it’s about leveraging the backup server itself!

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